Neuroenhancement for Mental Performance.
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Creating a Better World With Neurotechnology

"If it was possible to become free of negative emotions by a riskless implementation of an electrode-without impairing intelligence and the critical mind - I would be the first patient”

— Dalai Lama (Society for Neuroscience Congress, Nov. 2005)

Our Mission

Zendo users collectively usher a new era of noninvasive brain stimulation methods for changing the nervous system and optimizing mental performance. Current neurotechnology methods are expensive or unsafe for direct, at-home consumer use. Zendo changes that, by developing affordable, medical-grade, take-home systems to enhance human performance and wellness.

The Zendo Team is dedicated to the ongoing exploration, development, and delivery of neurostimulation and brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) for take-home and portable use made to the highest safety, engineering and research principles. 


Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of neuroscientists, psychiatrists, engineers, and athletes focused on bringing the most advanced brain stimulation devices and methods to consumers and medical professionals alike.

The team is extremely humbled by the immense growing interest in E-Meditation. E-Meditation was created in 2011 on the idea that all individuals have the right and desire to be happy and free from suffering. We wanted to develop a science-backed method and system to help the world. As academics with over 25 years of neuromodulation and meditation experience, we can apply the science of neuromodulation to mindfulness so that we all can enhance and accelerate happiness and usher a democratization of enlightenment.