Cutting Edge Brain Training to Fit Your Needs

Zendo is the world’s first wearable that enables the rapid acceleration and enhancement of mental training. Rather than taking years, it takes minutes to feel what it’s like to be an expert meditator - unlocking endless possibilities on a performance level.


Collegiate and Professional Sports Teams

Zendo locks in your players, putting them in an optimal mindset to perform at peak levels. We believe athletes already have the physical ability to perform at the highest levels - Zendo trains the often ignored mental aspect of athletic performance. Zendo is currently being used in professional and collegiate clubhouses in the US.

Consult with former athletes who run our Zendo Sports division about how to integrate our system into your locker room.


Meditation and Yoga Centers

Meditation is hard. Zendo makes it easy. It is difficult to stand out from the crowd when running meditation and yoga centers. Offering Zendo not only makes meditation benefits immediate, but also is used as a new tool to facilitate new forms of practice. It is provided as a supplemental fee to meditators who what to rapidly improve their practice in the studio and retreat settings

Speak with our Zendo Studio team about incorporating Zendo to enhance your customer’s experience.


Retreat Centers

Meditation retreats are unique experiences which people seek out to rapidly accelerate their spiritual practice and personal development. Zendo has been used in week-long retreat setting with very positive effects. Retreatants using Zendo describe their use as facilitating transpersonal experience that persists long after the retreat has finished.

Learn more about this new offering by connecting with our Zendo Retreat director about incorporating Zendo in your center.


Corporate Health & Wellness Programs

Zendo reduces stress and makes people feel more calm. This quick and easy 20 minute workplace program has the potential to revolutionize the corporate setting and allow for increased happiness and synergy between employees. Meditation programs like Zendo can decrease missed work days, improves focus, attention, and improves the overall health of employees.

Zendo can be used by large and small corporations alike. Apply with a description of your corporation size and needs and we will create a streamlined program for your team.


Individual Mental Enhancement

This specific program is intended for business professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, and thought-leaders that are looking for the edge. We curate short- and long-term Zendo programs for individuals to help accelerate their personal growth and move mental roadblocks needed to achieve business and individual goals. Zendo programs may also be designed to combat burn out.

Programs for Individuals are unique and no two are alike. You will work directly with the co-founders of Zendo to create a program and system specifically for you.